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Previous Projects

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The supermileage team has had along history of projects with the goal of improving the efficiency of the car. Improvements on the car can be separated into the following categories:


The car uses ackerman steering to reduce energy loss in turns. This system turns the front wheels at separate angels from each other.


The engine has been rebuilt several times over the years to comply to competition standards and to improve efficiency. The Briggs and Stratton 50cc engine has been altered over the years with an assortment of custom pieces ranging from a heated intake to modified piston sizes.


There have been several tests over the years using the CPU to improve the fuel efficiency by adjusting the amount of fuel inserted into the engine at varying RPMs. Using an exhaust sensor work has been done to have the CPU automatically adjust the fuel to set lambda to 1.


Energy loss in the tires has been a challenge recently as Michelin has stopped producing their high mileage tires used my many of the contestants in the Shell Eco-Marathon competition. As a result the team as found new tires that result in the smallest energy loss.


The team has recently upgraded their brakes from steel cables to lighter hydraulic brakes as competition rules change. These brake introduce a zero friction braking system that is even stronger than past years work with minimum maintenance/adjustment.