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The student leader is one of two or three team leaders who has competed a 497R project course and has experience with the team. The student leader is eligible to take an engineering management and ethics course and lead the team with integrity.


The team leader(s) manages the competition team:

  • Sets goals and tasks
  • Makes a schedule and organizes work assignments
  • Meets with demonstrating students to set 1 semester projects
  • Completes applications and travel arrangements for the competition
  • Works on the budget and funding for the team

The team leaders are selected by the faculty advisors

Team leaders are eligible to take a 400 level, 3 credit ME elective course on engineering management, diversity and integrity.


BYU student who has completed 3 Credit 497R course. Has attended a competition or team review event.


Develop engineering management and leadership skills and depth in engineering practice. Establishing a culture of integrity and inclusion on the team.