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Before you become a member of the Supermileage team there are some things you must know. The list below will help you transition into being a member. Look through the links on the list get the information described on the list. These will be the things you are quizzed on as part of you application quiz.

  • First thing you need to understand is what is it the Supermileage team does. Watch the Video in the who we are tab, this will give you a better idea about what the team does (design, size restrictions, ease of use, MPG, how high mileage is achieved).
  • Understand what the Shell Eco-Marathon is and what competition rules are (name of our competition, the stages of the competition, how do the determine the gas mileage).
  • Know what the team has done in the previous projects tab (including the different subsystems) and what are the design objectives tab (what the team focuses on).

Once you have gone through the list and have a better grasp on what we do you can take the quiz

Go to take the Quiz