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Design Objective

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The Team Priorities

  1. Safety
  2. Innovation
  3. Fuel Efficiency


The safety of all students involved in the supermileage team is our number one priory. In order to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon, student must pass a series of safety checks that ensure the driver is safe during the run. To see more on these rules visit our competition page.


Every year is an opportunity for students to re-invent the wheel. You can see past innovations by going to out previous projects page. With changing competition rules and the desire to improve miles per gallon, the team has found ways of pushing the capabilities of the supermileage vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

With high mileage being key every component of the vehicle plays a role in the fuel efficiency of the car. Fuel efficiency is broken into 3 parts: weight, friction, and energy loss. With every extra pound the car looses several miles per gallon. For this reason the team works so hard through out the year to shave off unneeded weight. Finding friction losses can be one of the most challenging tasks, with many moving part both in view and out of view. Once friction is found it can result in major re-inventing to get rid of the friction. Energy loss can be found in the flexing and dampening of parts. With a balance of rigidity and flexibility being essential. In previous years it was found that the shell of the car flexed to much causing huge energy loss even though it was much lighter vehicle.