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Leadership Opportunities

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Team Leaders



Dino Christensen

Professor and Student Mentor


Dr. Tree

Team Leader

The team leader is in charge of the competition team by:

  • Keeping the team on task and organized
  • Setting goals and tasks
  • Meets with students to set 1 semester projects
  • Completes applications and travel arrangements for the
  • competition
  • Works on the budget and funding for the team
  • The team leaders are selected by the faculty advisors
  • Team leaders are eligible to take a 400 level, 3 credit ME elective
  • course on engineering management, diversity and integrity.

Team Mentor

The team mentor is a paid (10 hr / week) graduate student who has:

  • worked with the team for several years and has institutional knowledge of the team competition and activities.
  • The mentor arranges and works with student on their MeEn 497R technical elective courses. Defining objectives and deliverables and grading performance.
  • The team mentor answers and ask questions but does not take on an engineering project and is not managing the assignments of tasks (see Team Leader).